These are general configuration parameters that do not belong to a section. If you are writing configuration in the INI format, these must be declared before any sections. In the JSON format, these are written in the root level of the object.


A unique token used to verify the integrity and legitimacy of the instance.



The full public URL of the exposed Pagedip instance. This should include the protocol and base domain name. The live URL is used to generate direct URLs to Pagedip services on this instance.

By default, this value is empty which mean Pagedip will use absolute paths.

liveUrl = ""


A boolean value for whether or not dynamic subdomains are configured. There should be a matching wildcard DNS record for the domain specified in liveUrl.

subdomains = false
Note: The default value should be false, however due to a bug, the current default is true. For now, please always specify a value, regardless of which you desire.


An array of Pagedip Extras to load. Pagedip Extras are plugins that change or extend the functionality of Pagedip in unique ways.

In the INI format, simply repeat this configuration for each extra you need to load.

extras[] = "binks"
extras[] = "uninvisible"


A Pagedip can be pointed at a remote API server for highly available clusters. The default value is false which will tell Pagedip to start and use the built-in API server at /api.

apiUrl = ""


The port for Pagedip's HTTP server to listen on. This defaults to port 3000 and will bind Pagedip to

port = 3000


The IP address and port that Pagedip's HTTP server will listen on. This will override the value set by the port option. This should be set in an ip:port format, where both the IP and the port are optional.

bind =


Enable this parameter when hosting Pagedip Enterprise behind a reverse proxy such as a load balancer. This will tell the server to get network details from the X-Forwarded-For header.

trustProxy = true



A Google API Key so the browser application can access the YouTube API for previews and titles. This is optional and improves YouTube support.