Basic Install

This is the basic guide to installing and running Pagedip Enterprise server. You should have already installed Node.js and CouchDB according to these instructions.

Pagedip License Token

A Pagedip license token is required to run the Pagedip server. The license token must reside on every host with the Pagedip server. Place this token in the file /etc/pdlicense or C:\etc\pdlicense or in the environment variable pagedip_license. This is the same regardless of your platform.

echo $LICENSE_TOKEN > /etc/pdlicense

Additionally, please use the license token to configure NPM. This will allow you to download Pagedip programs to your host.

npm config set @beneaththeink:registry
npm config set // $LICENSE_TOKEN

Configure CouchDB for Pagedip

CouchDB needs some configuration before Pagedip can be run with it. We have created a convenient CLI tool to run this setup. Install it with this command:

npm i @beneaththeink/pagedip-couchdb-setup -g

And run setup with this command. You will need the super admin credentials from when you created them previously.

pagedip-couchdb-setup -u http://alice:secret@localhost:5984

Install Pagedip Enterprise

With CouchDB running, the host is ready for the main Pagedip Enterprise program to be installed. Run the following command:

npm i -g @beneaththeink/pagedip

After installation, verify that it completed successfully by running the following:

pagedip --version

This should print something like @beneaththeink/pagedip v5.0.0.

Initial Configuration

Pagedip uses a basic configuration system with JSON or INI files and will look in many different places for configuration. Pagedip can be started and run without configuration, however the defaults are generally not ideal.

  • Linux, Mac - /etc/pagedip/config or $HOME/.pagediprc

  • Windows - %USERPROFILE%/.pagediprc

Save the following contents to one of the files above. We are using the INI format here, but JSON will also work.

port = 8080
subdomains = false

url = "http://anna:secret@localhost:5984"

Pagedip has many configuration options for fine-tuning your instance.

Running the Pagedip Enterprise Server

Pagedip is very easy to run once configuration is in place. Just run the CLI tool like so.


At this point, the server should be running at port 8080. Using a web browser, navigate to http://localhost:8080/library replacing localhost with the host's IP address or domain name and you should be presented with the Pagedip Sign In page. You can create an account if you'd like, but we'll be creating a system admin with greater privileges soon.

Updating Pagedip Enterprise

Pagedip can be easily updated by running the following command:

npm i -g @beneaththeink/pagedip

Next Steps

At this point your Pagedip instance is running, but we need to do a bit of setup so other users can begin creating Pagedips successfully.