Windows IIS Install

The following instructions assume that you have already installed and configured Windows Server 2016. You should have also already installed Node.js and CouchDB according to these instructions.

The Pagedip Windows technology stack consists of the following components:

  • Host operating system: Windows Server 2016

  • Web server: Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server

    • Sub-component: IIS Node Module

    • Sub-component: IIS URL Rewrite Module

  • Application layer: NodeJS

  • Data layer: CouchDB

Setup IIS for Pagedip

Please install and setup these dependencies prior to installing Pagedip Enterprise.

Install Pagedip IIS Package

Open PowerShell and run the following command:

npm i -g pagedip-installer-iis

Then run the installer:


The installer will prompt you for IIS site settings (name, port, etc). If you prefer, you may specify these settings using command line arguments:

pagedip-installer-iis --name "My Pagedip" --port 80 --host * --path c:\mypagedip

Update Pagedip Enterprise

Updating Pagedip to the latest version is simple. Open PowerShell in the application folder and run the following commands:

npm update -S && npm run setup

Next Steps

At this point your Pagedip instance is running, but we need to do a bit of setup so other users can begin creating Pagedips successfully.