Glossary & Terms

What is Pagedip?

Pagedip is a cloud-based authoring portal for creating dynamic, interactive digital documents quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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What is a Theme?

A Theme is what controls the design and layout of your Pagedip. Anything from the font and color of your text, to the width of the sidebar are determined by the Theme you have selected.

What is the Library?

The Library is the area where all of your Pagedips are displayed at once. From this page, you're able to filter by account, search for a specific Pagedip via the search bar, and change the view style from Grid to List.

What is the Writeroom?

The Writeroom is your hub for document creation. It uses our powerful Theme engine and a host of various creation tools to make producing beautiful pages fast and fun. These all come together so you can spend less time on formatting your document, and focus on making your content awesome.

The Writeroom has many features and tools to help you create your document. Below, you'll find a list of these with quick explanations of each one. For a full breakdown of each feature, click on the title.

What is a WYSIWYG Editor?

WYSIWYG (pronounced "wizzy-wig") stands for What You See Is What You Get. The goal of a WYSIWYG editor is to show you what your content will look like in its final form while you're editing it. This way, it's very easy to see where changes need to be made.

What is a Bink?

A Bink is a special feature of Pagedip, which allows you to hide additional information "beneath" a word or phrase in your text. In general, it should be an interesting, engaging piece of adjacent content associated with what the reader is reading.

What is an Extra?

An Extra is an additional feature or set of features that add functionality on-top of the base version of Pagedip. These features can help you edit your document faster, or make it more interactive for your readers.

What are Files?

Files can be uploaded from your computer, and stored in Pagedip for future use in your documents. The following files types are currently accepted:

  • PDF

  • MOV

  • IMG

  • PNG

  • JPEG

  • MP4

What is an Embed?

An embed is a piece of HTML code that can be inserted into your Pagedip to show additional content. This even includes Files, where an uploaded file is automatically turned into an Embed so it can be used in your document.

What is a Personal URL?

A Personal URL is a URL that directly links to content that you created in your account. All Personal URLs have the same format, [user_account]