Change Log

This Pagedip details all the changes we've made to the platform! You'll find the most recent release at the top of the page, and older releases below it if you need to catch up.

v5.2.0 - Released Oct 16, 2017

  • Embed menu & options appear above embeds instead of in toolbar

  • Removed Preview Mode

  • New Embeds & Files are added to top left corner, instead of bottom right

    • Embeds & Files are organized from newest embed (top) to oldest (bottom)

  • Binks are enabled by default

  • You can now Duplicate Embeds

  • Media Upload Enhancements

    • Drag and drop files to upload

    • Easier management of uploading multiple files at once

  • New Settings Screen that's easier to navigate and more organized

  • Revamped Account Settings