Dedicated Instance

For dedicated instances, Pagedip will setup and managed a Pagedip server for you and your organization. While the hard part is on us to get everything working correctly, there are a few pieces of information we need from you.

  1. Choose a sub domain name from a domain you or your organization controls.

    • Set a DNS A record for this domain to point to our IP address,

    • If you have elected to use subdomain mode, you will also need to add an A record for the wildcard domain (ie. and *

    • After DNS changes propagate, you should see default backend - 404 when navigating to the domain name.

  2. Choose which users will be system admins in your instance.

    • Currently system admins can only create organizations within the instance, but in the future system admins will have elevated permissions.

    • In general, we recommend having only a single system admin.

  3. What data, if any, needs to be migrated from or other Pagedip servers.

    • This includes Pagedip content, users and organizations.

    • Let us know if there are any special transfer requirements, such as changing URLs or permissions.

    • If you have an existing services agreement with us, we may already have this information!