Media is what makes your documents engaging and beautiful, so we've built in powerful tools for managing your various media elements. Clicking the Media button will expand the Media pane which is split into two different sections - Embeds and Files. The differences between these two tabs is that Embeds are only accessible in the Pagedip you added them in, while Files are globally available within a Namespace.

To add media, use the + button in the top right corner of the Media Pane. This will add the media to both the Embeds section for your current Pagedip and the Files section. Currently you're able to add media in the following ways

Upload a File

Upload File

This option allows you to upload a file from your computer so it can be used in your document. When you upload a file, you're able to give it a name, and set the Namespace you'd like it to appear in.

Import from URL

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.22.56 AM.png

This allows you to enter the direct URL of some form of media (image, video, audio, etc), and use it as a File or Embed in your Pagedip.

If you're using someone else's media, be sure you aren't breaking any Copyright laws first.

Code Snippet

Code Snippet

This tool allows you to create a block of text that has special Code formatting from the Code Styles Extra. This is great for code because it will change the text color of specific elements in your code based on the language it's written in. See the example below!

print "hello world"

Custom HTML

Table Test

Custom HTML allows you to enter your own HTML code to create an element. A great example of this is if you'd like to create a table in your document. See below for an example of this.

Example Headers Are Fun!
Wouldn't You Agree? This cell left intentionally blank


This option has pre-filled URL information that's specifically for Youtube videos. This allows you to display a Youtube video in your document without the need to link out to it.

Theme Embeds

Theme Embeds are specific to the Theme you're using. If you have a question about one of your Theme Embeds, we'd recommend contacting the developer of your theme.