Create a Page

There are two ways to make a new Page, depending on if you want it to be a top-level page or a sub-page. Top-level pages are the "main bullet points" of your article, while sub-pages serve as the deep-dive details.

  • To create a top-level page, click the + Add Page link at the bottom of the Page Tree

  • To create a sub-page, hover over the page you'd like the sub-page to be under, and click the + button

Re-Arrange the Order of Pages

Apart from viewing how your pages are laid out, you can also re-arrange them using our Drag-and-Drop interface. Simply click and drag pages to re-order them as you see fit. You can even grab a top-level page, and all the sub-pages will move with

Expand a Page with Sub-Pages

If you see a page with an arrow to the left of its Title, it means there are sub-pages that can be expanded. Click the arrow to expand them.