What is a Pagedip?

A Pagedip is a new way of experiencing traditional "flat" documentation. It's the combination of your text, media, and branding all rolled into a shareable, ever-current document.

There are two ways to create a Pagedip, and you'll find instructions on how to do either below.

Create a Pagedip From the Library

Creating a Pagedip from the Library is as simple as clicking the + New Pagedip button in the top right corner of the Library. This will bring up a window where you can select the Theme you'd like this Pagedip to have, as well as set the URL.

Create Pagedip

Create a Pagedip From the Account Menu

In addition to creating Pagedips from the Library, you can create a new Pagedip from anywhere in app by clicking on the Pagedip logo, and clicking the + Pagedip button. This will bring up the same menu as shown above where you can set your Pagedip's settings.