Quick Start Guide


Before doing anything, you'll need the following:

  • A User Account (either a personal one or one on your company's Pagedip profile)

  • Access to an up-to-date internet browser (we prefer Google Chrome)

Once you have these, go to http://pagedip.com and click Sign In.

How to Write a Pagedip

Writing a Pagedip is different from writing your average document, so we recommend following our Creative Flow when writing your first Pagedip. This will help you to re-frame how your content can look and feel in this new media. The process is outlined below:

Read through the document (if it's a big one, split it up into chunks) that you'd like to convert to a Pagedip, and keep the following in mind:

  • Write down major themes of your document that you'll use to guide your reader through your content.

  • Mark any sections that repeat or share information.

  • Take down notes of areas that relate to each other.

  • Mark words or phrases that you feel could have extra information (photo, text, video, etc). We'll turn some of these into Binks later to engage your readers.

  • Compile all of your media resources into one place so they're easy to access. We'll be able to upload them directly into Pagedip later.

Start Writing

When you first log in, you're immediately taken to The Library. This is the hub, where you can create new Pagedips, or edit existing ones. To get started, create a Pagedip by clicking the +New Pagedip button in the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to the Writeroom, where you can start writing your new document.

Below are some quick links to the most commonly used writing features:

View and Share your Pagedip

Once you've spent some time creating your Pagedips, you'll probably want to see how they turned out and share them with the world. You can view a live version of the Pagedip you're working on by clicking the View button in the top right corner of the Writeroom.

There are many different ways to share your document depending on who you're sharing it with, here are a few:

Advanced Features and More

Once you've had a chance to explore the basic features of creating and sharing your Pagedips, you can move on to the full list of All Articles in our Help Center. There you'll find detailed instructions and pictures that explain all of the various features available in Pagedip.