What is a Dedicated Deployment?

A Pagedip Dedicated Deployment is a special collection of Pagedip servers that is allocated just for you and your business. We take care of all of the hard parts for you, so you can focus on delivering amazing experiences.

Heads Up! This guide has moderately technical information in it. We recommend discussing the contents with your IT department as they are going to be the best at advising you through this process.

Why choose a Dedicated Deployment instead of On-Premise or Shared Cloud?

With each Pagedip Dedicated Deployment, we allocate server resources in our backend specifically for you and your business. Anytime someone uses one of your Pagedip domain names, they are using resources in our backend dedicated for that purpose.

The major benefit of this is that you remain unaffected to things that impact other customer servers or our shared cloud servers. While generally minor, this happens surprisingly a lot, ranging from updates gone bad, to individual servers acting up.

An on-premise installation does provide many of the same benefits as a Dedicated Deployment, however it comes with the added cost of needing to be self-maintained. With a Dedicated Deployment, Pagedip will manage all of the technical aspects for you.

What is included in my Pagedip Dedicated Deployment?

The exact details of what is included in a dedicated deployment will depend on your agreement with us. Most deployments generally consist of the following:

  • A dedicated Pagedip Editor server, for your editors to create content.

  • A dedicated Pagedip Live server, for your readers to consume published content.

  • A unique domain name at your-name.pagedip.com, if you are not bringing a custom domain.

  • SSL certificates for all domains.

  • Access to the Pagedip oPanel for managing and publishing content.

In addition, Pagedip also takes care of the following so you don't have to:

  • All operational maintenance on your servers. This includes regular updates, security patches, and overall making sure everything is running as intended.

  • Scaling servers to handle any level of traffic.

  • Data and network security monitoring and upkeep.

  • General user support.

What are the prerequisites for a Dedicated Deployment?

We don't require anything from you to launch a dedicated deployment. The following items are optional, depending on how you want your deployment configured.

  • Single Sign-on information.

  • Desired domain name, either under your-name.pagedip.com, or something custom.

  • Any other IT-related requests, such as providing SSL certificates.