Custom Domains

Using a custom domain name allows readers of your content to access your dedicated Pagedip server via this name as the URL. A custom domain is not required as we provide a domain at

We provide SSL certificates for every domain used by a Dedicated Deployment, including custom domains. Please inform us of the domains you intend to use so we can generate certificates. More information on the Security page.

You can set up a custom domain name at anytime, you just need access to the DNS records for the domain. Below are three different options for setup.

Heads Up! Before making any DNS changes, add your custom domain to a Server or Pagedip URL list so our servers will recognize it. You can do this in the Live tab of oPanel.

ALIAS Record

An ALIAS record, also known as an ANAME record for some DNS providers, is non-standard record type. These records are served as standard A records, however the IP address is resolved from another domain, similar to a CNAME. While this is the ideal configuration, this is not supported by every DNS provider.

To use an ALIAS record, have it resolve to the domain

CNAME Record

A CNAME record is the next best way to configure a custom domain when ALIAS records are not supported. A CNAME cannot be used in every scenario, such as on a root domain.

To use an CNAME record, have it resolve to the domain

A Record

An A record can be used with the direct IP address of our load balancer.

Only use this if you absolutely cannot use CNAME. In the event that we change our IP address, which does happen, you will be forced to update the DNS record.

To use an A record, have it resolve to our current IP address,