The Columns (two) and Columns (three) media items give you more layout options for your content.

Basic Two Columns

Column One

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Column Two

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  • Vertically Align Content

    Columns contents are aligned at the top by default. This option will align all contents of the columns vertically. If it looks like they are not properly aligned then check for empty lines and elements with invisible margin or padding.

  • Sizing

    By default the columns are of equal width. Sizing allows you to customize the widths.

  • Space Between Columns

    This option allows you to change the amount of space between the columns.

  • Collapse on Small Screen

    Often times the content in columns will get too squished on small screens. By default the columns stack on top of each other on smaller screens. Unchecking this will maintain the column layout.

  • Box Styling

    With the box styling, you can easily change the background colors and font colors of the columns. You can also change the padding around the content.


Vertically Aligned

Content in these columns will be vertically aligned with each other.

How is this done?[1]

Three Columns

The columns for the three column media item are equally sized. They always collapse on small screens.

Ad Commodo

Ut minim pari iqua aute Lorem Officia minim commodo et enim enim sit sunt.

Nostrud Tepre

Officia minim commodo et enim enim sit sunt consectetur commodo tempor.

Proident Amet

Ad consectetur commodo tempor fugiat aliqua velit pari iqua aute Lorem Officia.

Backgrounds and Font Colors

Each column can be styled independently. Columns can have custom background and font colors changed. They can also have a background image.

Getting Creative

The Columns media items give you a lot of flexibility for arranging your content. Try mixing them with other media items like the Content Box.

If you're using the columns to arrange other media items with each other then you might consider using the Flex Container media item. It will give more control and flexibility around arrangement and responsive design for various screen sizes.


This Columns (Two) media item has a larger left column with right-aligned text content and a full-width image in the right column. The content is vertically aligned. Collapsing and stacking the columns on small screens is disabled to maintain the style.