The Slideshow media item is a great way to show a gallery of photos and videos, create a power point style slideshow, or display a collection of PDF resources.

Basic Example


The Slideshow contents are generated by a list in the theme options. The items in the slideshow can be images, videos, files, or other media items. To create a power point style slideshow, you could use the Re-usable Content media item to create each slide and then use them with the Slideshow.


  • Slideshow Items - this is the list of slides.

    • Type - the slide can be an image, video, file (PDF), or another media item.

    • Caption - this will add a caption underneath the slide.

  • Slideshow Control Style

    • Footer with Captions and Counter - adds a footer with captions and buttons to slide with.

    • Right/Left Arrows - a simpler style with arrows on the sides, no footer with captions.

    • None - this provides no controls, intended to be used with the auto-slide option.

  • Header Text - this adds a header to the top of the Slideshow.

  • Wrapper Background Color - This sets the background color of the header and footer.

  • Wrapper Font Color - this sets the color for the text and buttons in the header and footer.

  • Content Background Color - this sets the color behind the slide content. For images and videos, black is generally best.

  • Slideshow Height - this sets how tall the Slideshow is.

  • Auto-slide - the slides will automatically slide every few seconds until the reader clicks on a slide or the controls.