The Enhanced Video offers more control and customization of videos. You'll be able to set the video's width and height, add poster images, and other add more functionality.


Pagedip does not support streaming, so it can be ideal to use Vimeo or YouTube for hosting your videos instead of using this Enhanced Video media template. This is especially so if the videos are very large.


  • Video File - The source video file to play.


    It is best to make sure you video is optimized for the web. Large video files will take longer for the readers to download and can use up lots of data for readers using cellular data.

  • Width - The pixel width of the video. The video has a maximum width of 100% so it won't expand beyond the borders of it's container.

  • Height - The pixel height of the video.

  • Poster Image - The poster image will be displayed before the video has started playing. This is also helpful when the first frame of the video does not display well in the content, for example a black screen.

  • Autoplay - This will have the video autoplay on page load. Note: This does not apply on mobile devices or from within Binks. It is a good idea to have a poster image as a fallback for when autoplay is not allowed.

  • Loop - The video playback will loop continuously.

  • Muted - This will mute the audio for the video.

  • Advanced Options

    • Captions - Add captions files to the video.

    • Use Plyr - By default, the Enhanced Video will use the Plyr video wrapper instead of the browser default viewer. This will add better accessibility features and change the way the controls look.

    • Analytics - To view custom analytics you'll need to contact your Pagedip admin to set up the dashboard.

      • Points - Here you can select the points in time that we collect view analytics. This is useful for seeing how much of the video your viewers are watching.