The content box is a very useful and simple media item to use. It provides an editable content field that may be given a background color, background image, or borders.

Content Box's most common use case is to bring attention to a block of content by adding a background color or border.

Basic Content Box

Incididunt proident velit laborum nisi veniam duis minim non voluptate.

  • Consectetur veniam cillum

  • Nulla in culpa do proident

  • Ex mollit laboris occaecat ipsum dolore id minim anim.

How is this done?[1]


This is the default look for the Content Box. No modifications of the options are necessary!

Bordered Content Box

Velit commodo adipisicing quis culpa nisi eu. Eiusmod nisi deserunt elit dolor elit esse sunt voluptate incididunt tempor occaecat velit voluptate. Laboris irure proident dolor dolore minim eu nostrud exercitation sint. Quis sit ex cillum Lorem commodo sunt nostrud.

How is this done?[2]


Background Gradient

Esse exercitation cupidatat tempor consequat tempor. Cupidatat aute ex qui mollit eiusmod nisi et occaecat culpa nisi sit in deserunt culpa.

Velit nostrud consectetur dolore pariatur sit nisi.Consectetur culpa consequat tempor est culpa irure non aliquip esse cupidatat excepteur culpa in.

How is this done?[3]

background image

Background Image

Ad dolore non culpa in pariatur exercitation elit laboris pariatur.

How is this done?[4]


background image

Background Images

Content box background images can have a few different scroll behaviors:

  • a normal background

  • an animated scroll where the image scrolls at a slower speed than the content

  • a fixed position where content scrolls over the image

How was this done?[5]


The black box on top of the image was created using a two column media item with a black background on the right column.

Content Box Themes

You can use a Content Box Theme media item to create a styling that you would like to replicate and keep consistent over multiple content boxes. This can be useful for a consistent look for things like alerts, tips, etc.

Getting Creative

Content boxes are a great tool for customizing your pages. They are handy when composing more complex media items that contain multiple media items. For example, a Content Box could have an inner two columnlayout, which could contain yet another Content Box, and so on.

More Use-case Ideas

  • consistent styling for categorically similar messages to the readers with consistent styling, i.e. hints, alerts, resources, etc.

  • an image with text on top

  • full-width color blocks

  • call-to-actions